By Gil Hale —

Disclaimer: Characters from The Professionals belong to Mark-1 Productions Ltd and are used without permission but with no intent to defraud.

Author’s Notes: This is an answer to the A-B-C challenge posted to the PROSFanFic List.

Are there any more chocolate biscuits?”


Come on, Doyle, I’m a growing lad.”

Don’t give me that.
Every night of this stakeout you’ve eaten enough junk food to stock a school tuck shop.”

Food’s the only thing that makes stakeouts bearable.
Give me the coffee then.”

Half a cup and that’s your lot.
It’s got to last ’til morning.”

Just give me the flask if YOU want to last ’til morning.”

Knock it off, Bodie.”

Let me have a full cup of coffee then.
My needs are greater than yours.”

Not likely, mate.
Only thing of yours that’s greater is your mouth.”

Perhaps that’s what you’d like to think, Doyle, but as a matter of fact…”

Quiet—I can hear something going on.”

Rottweiler having a snack off someone’s cat probably.”

Sometimes, Bodie… oh, I think you might be right.
That is a dog after all.”

Usually am—right, that is.”

Very good; I’ll remember to put it in the report.”

What about a chocolate biscuit for a reward instead?”

X-ray eyes wouldn’t find a speck of food left in this car, Bodie.”

You don’t expect me to survive ’til six o’clock without anything else to eat?”

Zero hour’s seven, actually.”


~ End ~